real & authentic portrait PHOTOGRAPHY

Hello there!

I'm Dakota, a photographer based in South Haven, Michigan, where I live with my goofy rescue pup, Roscoe. I've been drawn to photography since a young age and basically grew up with a camera in my hand.

I come from a big crazy family, so I understand chaos! I've always had a patient spirit, so working with kiddos or grumpy  grandpa is no problem for me.

I've been able to document so many beautiful and perfectly imperfect moments over the last 6 years! From seniors jumping into Lake Michigan, to little ones showing me their silliest faces, to grandparents loving on their grandkids. Whatever your life looks like right now, it's worth remembering.

southwest michigan photographer dakota puckett laughing headshot
rescue dog laying on couch
Woman overlooking garden of the gods and pikes peak in colorado springs

My Approach -

Genuine candid moments captured in a photograph are my passion. I love working with natural light to create the ambiance that sets the day apart. My photography style is laid back and naturalistic, and I strive to capture the true essence of who you are and what is happening in the now when I photograph.

I've always been drawn to the in-between moments. The laughter shared between friends, the quiet embrace of a couple, the joy of kiddos at play. These are the moments that tell the story of our lives, and I'm privileged to be able to capture them.

I hope that my work will transport people to another time and place, and allow them to experience the joy and emotion of the moments I've captured. I also want my work to be a testament to the beauty of everyday life, and the power of photography to tell stories.

Colorado Springs, Colorado - April 2022